Sunday, March 4, 2018

Set of 2 Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen / BBQ Gloves $7.49 Shipped (Reg. $24.99)

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Hurry over because right now this Set of 2 Heat Resistant Silicone Kitchen / BBQ Gloves is only $7.49 (Reg. $24.99) and Shipping is FREE!

Product Features
  • Multi-purpose: Silicone heat resistant gloves can be used for more than just taking items from the oven. They can also be used as grilling and barbecuing or even for removing items from hot water. Silicone gloves have been specifically designed to limit heat transfer from container to gloves.
  • Waterproof: if you get splashed with hot water, or have to grab something from a hot pan, you won't burn your hands. Regular oven mitts are not waterproof and you risk the chance of being scalded if the hot water soaks through.
  • More mobility: Cloth oven mitts don't give you a lot of opportunity for flexing or moving your fingers. Silicone gloves fit like your regular gloves, so you can easily move your fingers and turn your wrists.
  • Washable: Simply rinse them under a tap and scrub with a bit of hand soap if needed. The gloves can then be dried off with a towel and are ready to be used again. Oven mitts are prone to stains and must be regularly cleaned to remain bacteria-free. Oven mitts must be tossed in the wash, and then they take forever to dry in the dryer
  • Heat-resistant up to 425 degrees. This gives them the right amount of flex but still enables you to handle hot pans and platters with safety. Often oven mitts can make the hands hot if you hold a hot pan for longer than five seconds, so they can cause accidents if you can't move the plate fast enough.
  • Food-grade: These Silicone gloves made for the food industry have been FDA- approved for food safety. This means that you can handle food with them. You'll want to ensure that you don't use your silicone gloves for any other purpose in the kitchen, such as cleaning the sink or floor.
  • Non-slip: Silicone gloves have a non-slip textured surface which will give you a better grip on slippery pots and pans. This provides additional safety that you simply can't get with oven mitts
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